Dwarf warlock

a dwarvern warlock detailed picture

Dwarves are a humanoid race. They have excessively long beards and grow roughly half the size of a normal human (6'0"). They usually are peaceful though they have a knack of getting into costly wars. If you choose a dwarf character in the beginning, then you get to either choose a mountain dwarf, Chaos dwarf, or a High dwarf. Dwarves worst enemies are Orks. I have encountered one too many quests that have something along the lines of "If you give me some Ork body parts i'll give you that expensive piece of armor in that corner.....". Dwarves also like redberry pie quite a bit. The current ruler of these folk is Garmund Barkslat. He was made the ruler because he led a raid against orks in a great battle. He was the one who chopped off the head of the Ork Warlord. The dwarves are a kind race if you are their friend but if ou are not, then beware.

Dwarven Armour