Elves are the finest crafters in all the land. They forge the best and most elegant armor. This picture has an elite Elven Border guard in full armor.
Elven elite

Elven Border Guard in Full Armor

They make magical quivers and can make anything you wish them to as long as you are their friend. Elves can be very hospitable but can be extremely dangerous if your their enemy. Elven armor was and is always rivaling dwarvern armor as many wars have happened when Elven kings upsetted dwarvern ones by creating better armor. Legends say that when the elder elves went to battle in History, they had armor that could take a blade of a waraxe, a shrieking arrow, and a heavy 2 handed Volcanic forged sword, and not shatter or have a dent. Although Elves have an abundance supply of armor for when they go to war, they rarely give it to any other race. If you start your character as an Elf, then you can have acess to the basic armory at the beginning. Then, as you level up, you can acess stronger and more secretive armories. In the beginning, when you get a tour of the Elven city, you get to choose from 3 different sets of basic Armor.