Enchantments are spells that you can put on your armour or weapon to make it more durable, or make it stronger. You can enchant your armour via 4 ways: Enchanters (most cities have one), enchantment markings (you make a mark on your armour), simply casting the magic spell on the armour, or using gemstones. Enchanters will only charge you a small fee and will enchant you with any spell that they have in stock. There are over 100 different enchantments that you can get on your armour. Enchantment markings are the second most common way of enchanting. You simply find scrolls that show you different enchantment markings (from monsters) and you instantly learn and memorize it. You also have an option to choose 3 enchantment markers at the beginning of character creation. The only problem with enchantment markers is that you can only use it 10 times before it runs out. Keep in mind that after 5 months, your enchantment marker will wear off of your armour or weapon. Casting the magic spell is self explanitory. And gemstones are the most rare way of enchanting though they make your armour the most epic looking. The requirement is getting to level 100 and then you use a combination of magic and crafting to embed the gemstone into your armour or weapon.