Guilds are places that you create and can share with many others. The only requirements are that you are level 10. First, when you create your guild, you must name it. Then you choose the location. Next, you get to make whatever you want. Simply type in the item on the search bar and you will most likely have it. *note that the maximum amount of creatures you are allowed to have defending your guild is 50.As you level up, you can hire more men and creatures to defend your guild from unwanted attackers. You can also plan missions, and meet there with friends. A guild is pretty much your home in the vast land. The cost to start a Guild is 500 coins. That is just for starting. You can add rooms and Walls and accesories for more coins.

Here is a chart for the levels needed to hire or conjure in your Guild

Level 10 through 70= 50 men or creatures

Level 70 through 150= 100 men or creatures

Level 150 through 200= 150 men or creatures

There are 4 different types of rooms that you can create in your Guild. They are: War, Shelter, Training, and Dungeon. War rooms are where you get anything related to war: racks to put weapons on, planning rooms, etc. Shelter is self explanitory but it is rooms to sleep in, rooms to eat in, rooms to cook, etc. Training rooms are like archer targets, sword training mats, spear training, and you can even hire trainers to help you assist your fellow Guild members. Dungeon rooms can be used as anything. A place to keep creatures of war, experimental labs, training obstacle courses, or perhaps a training dungeon where you pit your Guild Members against creatures, puzzles, and traps. In conclusion, making a Guild is very fun, and fooling around in it with friends, is even funner. I hope you enjoy this.

~~Arconn Westblade~~