Guild creatures are creatures that you can hire or conjure in your Guild to defend it, help you do your Guild cleaning, or simply for company. There are 3 different types of Guild creatures, Battle, Service, or Companion. I will list what the creatures are, their category, and a small description.

  1. bodyguard- combat- defends you and obeys orders. (human)
  2. farmer-service- can tend your crops (human)
  3. Minor Dijinn- service/ combat- can fight for you and do your bidding
  4. Earth Defender-combat- comes out of the earth and surprise attacks
  5. Ethereal hound- companion- will defend you and advise you when planning. very loyal
  6. civil centaur- companion/combat- are very wise and sturdy with a bow
  7. Chaotic centaur- combat- best kept secure in a dungeon as these are beserkers.
  8. Butler- service- can get you food and are very common
  9. cook- service- a little bit better than butlers but not as common
  10. Spearman- combat- cheap and affordable, these standard soldiers are very common.
  11. swordsman-combat- core soldiers are the backbone of any army