Wartatia, once a powerful and peaceful world full of many different types of people. What made it so? Wizards. There were thousands of those peacemakers roaming the land and stopping evil before it was at large. For a while, things managed. Everything was alright until a massive army that was built incognito arose. They were assembled by 100 dark wizards to challenge the sophisticated society of peaceful Wartatia. The evil army had some 6,000,000 members. There were dark elves, chaos dwarves, demons, fiends, humans who wanted great power, goblins, orks, the list goes on and on. The Wizards were not informed fast enough to gather together a good army to hold the realms and thus 3 of the 12 realm's armies fell in 1 battle that lasted 7 months. The good side of peace and order, containing around 2,500,000 warriors were greatly outnumbered although fought bravely. It had: dwarves, palladins, many humans, wood elves, and an assortment of war animals and giants. The battle was simply called "The Beginning". It was called that because it was the beginning of all the wars that are fought now. 2 great alliances were made: Order and Chaos. The losses were great on both sides as over the years, the big alliance war split into many pieces, for example: dwarves battling out their hatred for dark elves in the East, Humans everywhere hungry for power go seiging castles. Riots turning into Revolutions, at this rate, the world would be simply demolished in 600 years. So, what did the last remaining wizards do about it? They built multi-dimensional portals which were seperated into different Major Realms. They were all in different time periods making it impossible to bring items from another realm into the realm you travel to. Of course you could still visit the mainland or Wartatia although, something that none of the many warring countries in Wartatia knew, was that the realms teleported you to an older Wartatia or a newer Wartatia. The Wizards were putting even the strongest heroes to the test to stop all the wars before it finishes of this world. Something that you must know is that the time differencial can prove key in a number of quests. Say, you were in a city called Trel in the Wartatia main realm looking for an artifact for a quest in a Futuristic Realm. If you find it in a specific place where you cannot get it in the Wartatia realm, then you could look for it in the Futuristic realm where the defenders of it are probably dead of old age.