the symbol of wartania

Here is the lore of Wartatia put together by wizards when many were still alive. Wartatia, a brilliant world with many realms. I am still not sure why we call it War Tatia as it is perfectly calm. There is no war at all and I am sure that we will maintain it that way.

-Wizard Jelfold

Those are words said exactly 13 days before the Chaos army uprising. There was turmoil and nobody discovered his journal until 600 years later. Wizard Jelfold was killed when sent on a citizen evacuation mission. He died after his last spell, a Thunderbolt killed 13 goblins. Wizard Jelfold was honored a great Wizard and recieved a heroes burial. We will uncover more of this once we find more artifacts.

Arconn Westblade, Master Swordsman