Questing, the best way of training, gives you experience in every single skill and provides you with lots of rich history of Wartatia. It is much more interesting than boringly training your combat skills by killing goblins and such all day long and it will provide you with a sense of adventure. Quests vary from diplomatic skills to all out stopping or participating in wars. Many might be boring like fetching the local butcher some animal meat but most quest's rewards are quite worth the effort. This is where you will get to know more people and maybe get some magic items as well. There are 5 different types of quests: Novice, Medium, Experienced, Master, and Legendary. Novice quests, self explained, are the easiest quests and are for the more beginner characters(Example: Go and fight a werewolf, and then use the werewolf bane to heal a sick old werewolf hunter)These are made for levels around (1-30) . Medium, are harder than Novice but easier than Experienced. They can include: diplomacies, minor ambushes, and restoring order to a corrupted town these are made for characters that are around level (30-70). Experienced quests is when it gets hard. These include guiding dozens of ships to an island where to raid an army of monsters, overthrowing an evil ruler from a kingdom, vanguarding a king or queen that is under attack, and much more. Experienced quests are usually made for higher leveled players like (70-100). Master is for very hardcore quests which include saving realms, getting invisibility potions for wizards, go into undead realms to rescue a major general, and making peace with underwater warriors. Legendary quests, are quests that make you a legend. An immensely popular figure, a man or woman that has the status of a king or a Realm Lord. They are quests only for the strongest of adventures. If you ask me how I know this, is because I have done all of these.

-Arconn Westblade, Master Swordsman