There of course will be different types of Armor in the game. We will specifically be talking about torso armor right now. In Wartaita, there are 5 different types of torso armor. Each type will have various textures you can choose from thus making the variety at large. I will list them out now: Quilted armor, Leather Armor, Scale Armor, Plate Armor, and Chain Armor. Quilted armor is like padding. It might not be the strongest but it certainly is the cheapest and the most common. It is also the lightest armor. Frequently used by front or second line infantry. Leather Armor is is a bit heavier than Quilted but provides more defense. It is flexable so it will not penetalize bonuses on casting magic or shooting a ranged weapon. Scale armor, which looks kind of like a dragon's scale or Fish's scale, is most commonly used when fighitng dragons. Many are enchanted so that they are Firebreath proof.
Scale armor

here is the basic design